A downloadable demo

Welcome, dear child, to your new home. Here you shall learn the art of perfection.  Here you shall learn to smile.

This demo includes half of the first chapter of My Beautiful Paper Smile. The full game takes place across four chapters. The first three chapter are currently available on Steam in Early Access. The last chapter will release during summer of 2021 in the full launch.


My Beautiful Paper Smile is set in a dystopian world where a mad king wants every child to be perfect. Perfection to him is a giant, happy, smile that is worn constantly. Never fading and always bright.

You are one of the Joyous, a child taken by the Authorities, who has only ever known the facility and the mask that he wears bearing a smile that doesn’t dull. The Joyous are watched by the Authorities and kept on a short leash as they are tested daily to ensure no other emotions populate in their subjects' minds other than happiness.

If sadness sits on their face they are taken away and never seen again.


Want More?

If you enjoyed the My Beautiful Paper Smile Demo, you can check out the free prequal, Night in Riverager right here on itch.io, or play the first three chapters of the game in on Steam from the widget below!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorTwo Star Games
GenreAdventure, Action, Puzzle
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich


MBPS_DemoV2.zip 517 MB

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Unzip the folder, and launch the executable!

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ooh scary

Hi there. I just recently played your game (demo, as I tried playing the full game but it wouldn’t open… must’ve accidentally downloaded a suspicious version then… eek) and I think the only critique I had is the ambience was a little too quiet. This might’ve been tweaked in the full version as I haven’t tried that yet. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game! I had a struggle voicing the dialogue as I had a mouth pain :P but so far I liked it.

Great game, and now i want to play the full version :)

well made dev, dark and creepy story, the graphics and art work are great, thank you for this wonderful game.

here is my gameplay of the Demo

Homeboy really look like a testi- You know what? Not here. 

Really loved this game, was super scary for such a simple designed game. Perfect example of not needing super HD graphics to make a great experience.

Looking forward to playing the whole game.

I didn't even get to play the entire demo and still really enjoyed the game, it has a unique concept.

Not much I can say that hasn't already been said, this game is a beautiful nightmare.

Chapter 1 - No Commentary Playlist


Chapter 2 is awesome!  Unrelated to Chapt.2 but one thing I particularly liked was when you try to take the mask off for the first time!  Couldn't get it on recording and would have to start all over again to get it but it really took me off guard. 

Awesome art and all, really impressed.  Cheers! 


So the game is not for sale on Itch? :(

It should be later on for our full launch, just not early access :)


Ah ok, thank you for replying. I look forward to the game! 




finally I get to post here as well lol,really enjoyed chapter 2 


My playthrough of chapter 2. Loved it by the way.

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After playing Ch1 I had to Play Ch2 it get even more crazzy!!!!

Don't TRUST The HUNTER! | My Beautiful Paper Smile | Chapter 2 (FULL)

Chapter 2 is HERE!... Come see what happens next! ☠

This game looks really cool, the artstyle is awesome and the theme is very creative! How much will it cost on Steam?


It'll be $14.99, but 10% off during launch week :)

I ended up going just as crazy as the characters In the game. Great demo huge potential. YouTube: MrMBenting



Found the game via the guy below. Looks so amazing!


Hola, no e probado el juego aún pero se ve bastante tétrico, y obvio se ve que es un juego que vale la pena jugarlo, a demás me gusta por su estilo por lo que veo en las fotos, solo quería comentar que tal se veía My Beautiful Paper Smile  así de vista.

Sonreíd 8D 


This game ticks so many boxes for me! It's impressively creepy, and I felt hideously uncomfortable the whole way through this demo. The art style is really kooky and spooky at the same time, the 2D-ness of the surroundings gives me some serious Bendy vibes!

And then we have the story, a pure dystopian nightmare that really made me feel helpless, trapped in system of forced happiness where you either obey or die. Purely terrifying!

For anyone out there looking for a surreal scary experience full of hideous-looking characters and just the lightest sprinkle of hope, this game may just be for you. So get this demo downloaded, and then get the game wishlisted on Steam! =)


This game is really atmospheric and I love the style of it. The world made me feel trapped and like I really wanted to escape it. I loved that I felt uneasy throughout my whole playthrough. Seriously an amazing experience. I can not wait to see the next part.


Breaking Out Of The TORTURE! | My Beautiful Paper Smile | Chapter 1 (FULL)

I REALLY liked this game! It reminds me of Little Nightmares in a strange way! Now then... Happy faces everyone! :)

Come see Chapter 1 in full! & stay tuned for Chapter 2 on June 19th!

(thank you for early access)


George Orwell Rip-off 10/10


Haha, I've heard of him!  Did he write a book with a similar story?


Well in the story of 1984, part of the story is that the people can't be sad, I was mostly joking though :)


I see :)  I'll need to check that out sometime!


Would recommend, similar to fahrenheit 45, it gives a lot of food for thought, I'll have to buy the full game soon!



Loved the game man it was pretty unique and scary. Love the story so far.



It was dark in a way that I actually liked. Good game.

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A very dark game with really creepy elements thrown all the way through , the art style is really unique and really separates this from any other game i have seen so far, it had a similar vibe to little nightmares.

 It will be really interesting to see the complete version as you are left wanting more and it leaves you curious to know how it all ended up this way and why the "king" is so determined to make every child smile and how he ended up so twisted that the children are suffering and what happened to the "lost child" 

A game that must be played to be seen for yourself.


Less than two more weeks!

I can't wait!

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I love macabre, weird, and just disturbing games like these that focus more on depth, ambience, and interesting stories like this one instead of cheap jumpscares. I made a video on this and absolutely loved it. I was left wanting a lot more and I hope the release goes well on Steam! Here's the link to the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs72JCufbDE

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This game was amazing. It really hit me hard to be honest. I am usual not someone who plays Horror games so if your interested then you can check my video. Also I am not sure what happened, but my settings always reset, which was a bit annoying.
I only say my poor voice and heart.

Hi yopta! this is the most scary and fascinating 2D game I ever seen. But there are some bugs that ruin atmosphere of the game. For exemple the log that I can take from behind the wall. But still it's the frickin best 2D horror game.


Pour les Francophones !

Ha! I told you man, I told ya!!! This game. IS. GONNA. BE. ONE. FRICKIN. HECK. OF. A. RIDE. Buckle up people! And please consider getting this game, it's gonna be awesome trust me, the developer is a very nice, awesome and friendly guy! You can trust me on my life! This game is gonna be one heck of a time! Can't WAIT for it's release!!! All the best!

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This was a great, terrifying game that had me scared and tense throughout the whole gameplay. One part I definitely won't forget is when I tried to remove the mask and that slight jump-scare happened, I jumped out of my seat LOL! Also gave me lots of Bendy vibes. Loved it!

If you just want to watch gameplay without any reacting or commentary this video will be perfect for you

And if you did enjoy it please leave a LIKE and show the video some love by commenting or if you want to leave some tips on how to improve the video and gameplay.


It looks a little bit like Bendy...THIS IS VERY GOOD!!!!!

A lot of people do say that, but I'm glad you like it :)


I absolutely LOVED My Friend Is a Raven and was so excited to hear this demo was out, I've played through a few minutes of it and will DEFINITELY be streaming the whole demo and whole game when it releases.  You guys are AMAZING

Very cool to hear!  Thanks for the support!


I Played this Demo in my latest episode of 'Quick Scares' on my Youtube channel and I absolutely loved it! The art style is magnificent! I may have to play the full release when it drops!

Below is my playthrough


It's like looking in a mirror!

Haha, almost :)  Thanks for checking it out!


It's an awesome game! I'm excited for the full release. :{)


Such an awesome experience! I loved doing this game play video and will be looking forward to making a continuation to this video. Shout out to the creator. Cheers!

The game looks amazing, but it's very laggy on my computer and it keeps crashing within 5 minutes of opening the game..


Sorry to hear that!  If you haven't already, it might be worth lowering the graphics settings in-game to help the performance :)

That'd be a good solution if it didn't crash while I attempt to do that.. ^^" 
Thank you for the suggestion though! 

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