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What is Splock?

Splock is a game I made for my Unreal Engine 5, beginner game development course.  In the course I teach brand new developers how to create their first game (Splock) in just 6 hours!  I teach in a thorough, and comprehensive way, so that anyone, with zero experience can follow along will feel totally comfortable creating games of their own after they’ve completed my course.

Splock is a classic puzzle platformer, where players must use platforming skills, and puzzle solving strategies to complete each of the five unique levels.  Face new challenges as you attempt to master each new mechanic.

If you want to learn to make games in a single day, click the link above, that will lead you to the course where I teach exactly how to go from zero experience, to creating this entire game.  Use code 'GAMEDEV' for an exclusive discount!


Install instructions

Download the game, unzip the file, and launch MyFirstGame.exe!


Splock Game.zip 489 MB


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This was a pretty fun game!