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First off the art style is absolutely stunning. i voiced the two characters and hope you enjoy how they sound!

Hey there. Gave this game a play a little while ago, and only now have a moment to uplaod it.

I must say right up front that I adore the art style and overall visual presence of the game, along with its verbose writing. It immediately gives the game its own identity and is quite striking. SO kudos on that for sure.

I can't claim to be totally on board with the story, considering just how simple (and a might bit disproportionate) it is, which just doesn't quite stack up to what the writing style suggests. Four endings are definitely appreciated, four very different ways to handle the conflict - I just, personally, end up finding that conflict a little bit weak for carrying the whole thing.

All the same, I loved the experience, and really, really enjoy it on a visual level. I'd love to see more from you guys.


this is is like if edgar allan poe made video games. keep up the great work amigo :D




I ABSOLUTELY adore this experience! Every minute I spent with it was so much fun. I did see all available endings -- this art style is so phenomenal, ugh, I am seriously in love with everything about this game. It's brilliant. Keeping tabs on your future projects for sure.

not too bad :) I like the graphical choices you made and I am a sucker for a point and click adventu


wich requierements I need for run this game in mt PC?

I’m not sure about exact specs, but there’re graphics setting in the game that you should be able to use if your computer is lower end :)


This is visually one of the best games I have come across on Everything in this game drips with it's own unique style and I love it. Seeing projects where indie developers really get to flex their creative muscles is why I play indie games, and My Friend is a Raven has that in spades. I only wish the game was longer so I could enjoy it more. Well done developer, I hope to see more from you in the future! If you want to see my play through you can click the link below, but please play this game too, it's well worth your time.

Thanks!  Very well made video you have there, good job on that :)

Hey There! 

Would love to maybe work together, do you have a discord or Facebook, skype or email I can make contact with? 


Always a pleasure to come across new devs who submit great work to jams! The art is fantastic. You built such a haunting and palpable world with so little here, which not many indie devs have learned how to do. Loved how tight the gameplay was and that the puzzles were intuitive. Kudos for completing it in such a short amount of time and good luck with future games!


As soon as I saw My Friend is a Raven, I knew I had to play it. The top-shelf quality for a game jam experience isn’t shocking, but it reminds me of a full release. If it wasn’t for its short length, it’d easily pass for one. Everything here is fantastic; the visuals, sound design, controls and grim story come together to create a melancholy world. Fantastic. 


Another video for you - I was wondering how long it took you to make this game? You've knocked it out of the park visually in terms of graphics, style and presentation overall. I'm super impressed by how much I loved such a short game!

I realize I messed up the thumbnail a little <.< Noticed when I was adding title to the video "My friend is a Ra- wait... Raven.. DAMMIT!" XD

Do you have a twitter I could shout out?

Super good game, would love to see a lot more of this tbh 😁

Thanks!  The game was made for the Epic MegaJam, so I spent about 80 hours developing it over the course of a week.  My Twitter is @TwoStarGames.  Really glad you enjoyed :)

Really enjoyed it - big fan of the visuals :D
While my twitter is tiny I'll do what I can some spread some light towards the city of Raven and Lutum!

Thank you, very grateful for that! 


What an interesting but sad game lol really loved the fact that I could betray the one thing I had as a friend in this world. Really great job! 


I love the fact that this game as multiple endings! Replay value immediately goes up especially when it is an interesting game! Loved the art style! Very well done!

The game is absolutely beautiful, but I have questions.

So, the plague doctor mask reads Victorian, but the apartment has modern appliances. Also, the clock ending features figures passing by during the time lapse segment, despite the other humans supposedly being dead. Was the whole thing a delusion brought on by guilt or mental illness? If not, did the raven undo the curse because I reflected on mistreating it?

Thanks!  Yeah, I'm not really sure when this game takes place XD  I Sketch a lot, and had a plague doctor looking character (which became Lutum) and decided to use him in the game.  Since the character wasn't really made for the game, there might be some historical inaccuracies... As for the people passing back and forth in the clock ending, that's just meant to represent the time passing, as Lutum walks around his apparent, and eventually dies from the plague.  Thanks the comment and video :)

Oh, cool! Thanks for the clarification. Again, incredibly beautiful game. I'd love to see more in this style.

Awesome game, great job!

I loved your game. I got the intended feeling from the game. Hoping to see forward with such type of games. 

I loved this game. It was absolutely adorable. I managed to find the 1st and 2nd ending. 

Looking forward to seeing more from you! <3 Zombikittie

This was incredibly good! Had the feel of a triple A game! The story was so captivating it made me want to find every ending. I'd love to see more like this! Here's my playthrough! 

Amazing game! I especially enjoyed the dialogue and also pretty much everything about this!


This is incredibly well made in all aspects, you should be incredibly proud! Outstanding in it's own right and even more so knowing you made it in a week. 


First time completing a game with different ending I gratly enjoyed this - you did an amazing job!

I really wanted to explore outside the rooms, go outside into the town and see what's going on. Really well crafted game.

Haha, wouldn't that be neat?  Thanks for playing :)

really enjoyable game with the added bonus of getting different endings. Loved the art style of the game and would like to see more games like this. Feel free to check out my playthrough of this game 

gorgeous art
gorgeous audio
beautiful & concise
I'm in love

Glad you liked it!  Enjoyed the video :)

I really liked the game. It looks cool and interesting even though it stays kinda simple and not long. Well done.  


Very impressive.  The art style is beautiful.  The audio is quite the haunting cacophony.  The game oozes style and atmosphere.  The low fidelity visuals lend subtlety to the symbolism.  The morality play is unapologetic without being preachy.  Indeed, I quite enjoyed the thing for what it was without wishing at all that it had been something else or something more.

Thank you!


Absolutely fantastic game 10/10! I got all 4 endings the passive ending gave me the most trouble for some reason lol. I'm very exited to see what you do in the future! Everything about the game to me was spot on it had a nice story, it was interesting. I WANTED to find all the endings this is one of the few games that I found myself needing to find the answer. Again I loved it music/story/gameplay/mechanics it had it all great job

Thank you very, very much!  So glad you had fun with it :)


Hello there,

I stumbled across your game on and read through it and I'm really interested in it. I was wondering if I could make a YouTube video on your game?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

Yes, you can!  You’re totally welcome to :)

Thank you for allowing me to!


I really appreciate when an Indie game developer makes game with multiple endings. In your game i got two.  love the style, it feels unique and it's suitable to the story in the game. I hope to see more from you in the future. Keep up the good work :)

btw here is my video if you are interested:


Lovely art style, interesting story, and great writing!

Deleted 3 years ago


Loved the art and the atmosphere. Great work!!!

We have finished all 3 endings:

This was fun, i really loved the art style


Got all four endings! Absolutely loved the art and the tone. I wouldn't mind at all to see a longer game in this style.

Nice!  I might do something like this again in the future... Seems to have worked out alright so far!


My Friend is a Raven is short, it's dark, and I love the art design it has going on. The "flat stuff in a world of depth" is one of my favorite things in games and I feel it works really well with the story and gameplay.

Good job, dev.

Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it :)

And thank you for making it. Hope I did your game justice. I wouldn't mind seeing more games in this style.


Found all the endings accidentally which just means i'm a pro ;) 

jk, but this looked amazing. loved the style. I hope you enjoy the video I made and the stupid voices I did


Watched the video, was entertaining!  Great voices btw

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