A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Lutum, the last man alive after a devastating plague has swept the Earth clean.

The world of man has fallen into ruins.  Everyone that was once alive, now lies in their grave, returned to the Earth that they were born of.   You return to your old apartment one last time, in search of a sickened raven.  You must speak to him, and discover why such a calamity has spread across the world.

Complete different puzzles, to unlock all four unique endings, and uncover the whole story behind Lutum, and the elusive raven.

If you enjoyed Cloud Climber, be sure to check out my other game Choo-Choo Charles on Steam!

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My Friend is a Raven.zip 207 MB

Install instructions

My Friend is a Raven will download inside a compressed file.  Simply unzip the file, and open the application named "My Friend Is A Raven".

Development log


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Why is the video now private?!

This was awesome, great art style, interesting different endings. Was fun figuring stuff out! 

Art style in this game is stunning and atmospheric,i liked it very much,and story is great,i unlocked all endings,and i like how they all different and interesting,5\5,this game is real piece of art

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough video here:

I found this game after Choo Choo Charles and it REALLY holds up! It's a very different type of game from Charles but it does such a great job of setting up a unique and deep world in such a short period of time. Great work! I can't wait to check out more of your games! 

Very interesting and beautiful game -- I just wish it were longer!

An amazing short game, still need to check out Choo Choo Charles as well. Keep up this amazing work! Here's a link to my playthrough for my series Itching For Horror

conniving strategy comprised of gloomy hovel arrangement.  dark pencil scrawlings require optimized practice.  inspiring atmospheric inhalation, enjoyment begat replaying fruition experience.  narrative exemplified other aesthetic fabricated visions.  the corvus always sociable


I love the art and music. Can't wait for Choo-Choo Charles. Wish u enjoy my gameplay :)

I finally played your game and I really liked it! I saw your advert about My Beautiful Paper Smile and I'm hoping to get round to that game too!

i love the style  

I really like the art style and the poetic story is really good

Awesome game with stunning art style

i manage to get 4 ending

This was pretty good. Only did 2 endings in this video but might pay it a revisit in the future to do the other endings. Love the art style of this game. Made a video on it.

I absolutely love the art style of this. The game was very fun. Great job! 

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS artwork, and lovely story!  I unlocked two endings, but I wanted my viewers to check this out for themselves to unlock the rest (I'll be sure to unlock the others off-camera, though!)  The last game on this video: 

I was genuinely impressed by the story telling on display here. That dang Raven ALL ENDINGS!
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I have been going through all your games lately and I must say you impress me with your level of talent. Enjoyed this game. I made sure to explore all possible endings. 

I never realized you made this game!!!!! I played this in early 2020 before I got serious about youtube. I had just played No Snake Hotel, and went to check your page. I also played night in riverager. You're an awesome developer!!

The game is beautiful, the 2.5d art style works perfectly, it really makes objects standout. Especially with the hand drawn art style, it is nice to see a more unique art style used in horror games.

I may have rooted to watch the Raven fall out of the sky, but all endings felt unique, and was worth the time playing through the game to experience them all.

Can鈥檛 wait to play through your other game.

Really Beautiful art And Interesting Little Story Enjoyed This Game SO Much!!! 

Keep Up The Wonderful Work !!! 

Really nice  Art! Respect

Hello. I rated this game (written) a little over the year ago for class, and would like to replay and review on my youtube channel with your permission

Go for it :)

Well , now that I have played Raven and Paper Smile Demo, i think I know what to do now lol

No Commentary 4/4 Endings 


This was really cool, loved the 2.5D style and the mystery behind what caused this post-apocalyptic world. The way the "soul crushing" effect was used is dope.


A very well created game with a great story and play through I loved every second of playing this game.

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I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. I just want to say that this was a phenomenal little experience. It's actually a lot more stressful than it initially let's on. The sound design was so disturbing to me. It's a short, but sweet game with interesting puzzle-esque story telling. It shouldn't take you more than fifteen to twenty minutes to discover everything there is to offer. All in all, I loved it, thank you!

Hello, I have downloaded this game and when I see the menu I feel that I have downloaded the perfect game, the thing is that when I go to options, I adjust the graphics and put them on as much as possible to see how it looked, when I put it on, it stuck. the screen and then went black and I get an error, I have reinstalled it and I still get that error, is there a way to erase the data from the game? just in case I wrote this in the translator, I hope you can read it clearly

I still have doubts why he has a friend's crow

Answer me please, I would really appreciate it


This game was super cool! I am also interested in trying your other game so I may play that one soon also! 


this is a cool game i played it a while back.


WOW! Amazing game and incredible art!!!! it's a short simple clicking game, but really really stunning. The art in the game just blowed my mind.

Just played the game and had a lot of fun trying it out! 

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Loved this game very intresting art style and set in a intriging world 

Absolutely loved the style of this game! I made a video on my channel for each of the endings. This is the Venomous one! 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, My Friend is a Raven is a game about Loneliness, finding Revenge, Peace, Acceptance or Failure to find one of those three.  - You play as the last man alive, everything destroyed by a mysterious plague brought by "The Raven" 

Search the apartment to solve puzzles, locate the Raven to understand why this horrible plague was brought about. 

The Art in this game is awesome, I have always loved games like this, adventures with puzzles, Clues, and a really cool style.

My Friend is a Raven is a short game, there are 4 endings and you should be able to get all 4 within 30 minutes of playing.

This game has made me VERY interested in Two Star Games next project - My Beautiful Paper Smile"

If you would like to see a play through of My Friend is a Raven, here is a link to video i made with all 4 endings - 



I'm sure you've already heard this numerous times, but the style of this game is designed ssoo beautifully! That alone is enough to draw you in. I'm curious of what the other endings add to the story, but unfortunately I only played through twice. Loved every second of it though!

Great work!


This is a very interesting concept. I also liked the style.

I also have to say that this Art Style reminded me about a diffrent game yet I can not put my finger on it. Still, very nice work and I made a video in case you are interested.


hope you enjoy


Gave it a go...

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