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Just submitted my game to the game jam and I am in awe of your title! Dope sh*t!

Haha, thanks :)  Just checked out your game, and it looks pretty neat!

This game is going to win one of the awards for the ue4 game jam, the only "complaint" I have is the mouse trap sound effect has alot of background noise

I hope so!  Just tweaked that sounds a little, so hopefully it should be a bit better in the final build :)

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The artstyle in this game was great reminded of Bendy and the Ink Machine for some reason, the story was genuinely interesting with the third ending being the most engrossing and intriguing out of all of the endings, Puzzles were great overall this was a pretty stimulating and enjoyable game to play, hope to see more from you.


Glad you liked it :) and thank you for the video!

I absolutely loved this game! I loved everything from the art style, to the atmosphere, to the storyline of this game. If you're interested in my gameplay, I will link it below.


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This game was quite interesting to me as I love the artstyle of the game and the storyline as well. It is quite rare to see this kind of artstyle out there in the market so it is very fresh and appealing to me and other gamers. I am curious as to how the game will continue because the game lasts for an extremely short period of time with 3 endings and I hope that maybe a longer story and gameplay time can be made? Moreover, I think that the idea of having puzzles in the game is great and I really hope to see more puzzles implemented in the game in the future. The raven is seen as an antagonist and a friend at the same time and maybe we can be given more information as to how the protagonist evolved into a raven as well and how he met the raven. Lastly, maybe try to give more information why the protagonist want to be friends with the raven and the other way as well because I believe that the raven has many other bird friends. Thank you.

Thanks for all your input!  This likely won't be the final version.  It's for a game jam, and it doesn't end for a few more days, so I'm still working on it until then :)

Great! I am looking forward to the complete version of your game then :).

Keep up the good work!

Really cool game. I like the art style.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Interesting game.

Interesting is a word to describe it, yes... Thanks for the video!


Thanks for the video!  Glad you enjoyed :)

nice game, love the art style! Good luck! :)
Will there be a part in the future?

Thanks!  I'm not sure if it's something I'll expand on anytime soon.  I have a much larger gamne project I've been working on for a few years that has to happen first!

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Love the art style! Good luck in the jam

Thank you very much! 

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