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It's so Borges, I love it


Hi there, this is one of the best game I've ever played it has all the atmospheric ambiance that you intended. I am so happy to play this game, I wish if the game was long . I also made a video pls feel free to check it out

Nice game

I ABSOLUTELY loved this game and i would play a 12 hour version honestly the story was awesome and ending gave me goosebumps 


Hello, I played your game in my video and I must say the meaning of this goes for me personally much deeper then the surface gives away.

So if you are interested then you can check my video here. Thanks already if you give it a watch and thank you for making this game. I liked it.

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That rain... It whouldn mean anything to you at the start. But four towers, it really means something.
Nice place, excelent art, I wish that were any higer tower than the fourth one, but, anyway (or tower) ,its an nice game.

Does anyone know what engine this game was made in?

UE4 :)

Excellent game, I like a good story.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Pretty good game. The only thing that bothers me, is that the game is too short. It has so much potential, a good lore, everything you would want from an indie game.

I Thought this was great and wished it had been longer. A great minimalistic story with a good story line which made me want to read every note and knock on Every door.

Good Luck


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Amazing game, I like the minimal but very good textures and the philosophy a lot. Also weird but kino to be thrown basically at the end of the story from the beginning.

Thanks for taking the time to code/draw/compose this.

So good! Had a little scare there at the end! Loved the story! Did not expect the humor, phenomenal!


This was so thoughtful, I really enjoyed the experience and perspective. The ending really had me panicking though!


Unique and impressive game, well done !!! You could expand it to a 1-2 hour gameplay with more content :) 5/5


What a game! It's simple and has an impressive story! Why read a book when a simple phrase can make your day?


Thank you for making another interesting game, Two Star Games. I added Japanese subtitles to my video. I hope this will reach out more audience and players. I'm still waiting for the chapter 4, My Beautiful Paper Smile too. 

Nice game.

My Game play.

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Dizzying height

AMAZING. I wish it was a 1 million hours game :)


here's my gameplay that starts at 28:18

This is really nice game. Finally some non horor game on itch.


Nice Graphics

I liked the graphics very much.
And once again I managed to play through a game. ;-)
I hope to be able to play a new project soon.

Thank you

This was a really cool game i enjoyed it!


Such an amazing game, and I love the art style as well!!


Absolutely amazing, one of the best pieces of cli-fi I've ever seen


Just wanna say I love this; YES this is incredibly short but not everything has to be an hour long to get a good feel. Plus I just love the style that you use in the games you make. 


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, it was a short and sweet game and I loved everything about this game, the story, voice acting, sound effects, environment and everything was greatly done, good work :)

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The art is fantastic man. The game-play is nice. Visually appealing graphics. It was good to be in this environment for 15 minutes. The fog, rain effects were cool.


I could not ask for a better ending for this jam jam! When all hope seems lost, a little glimmer of a possibility presents itself. But is it too late? As always, the unique 'sketchbook-drawn' style of Two Star Games is fantastic! I also love how the game takes place in a first-person perspective. That really enhances the experience! I'm curious, is there an explanation why the towers are deserted? All seem to have vanished besides one. Dehydration, accidents, etc.? Can't wait for the next TSG!

Great work! 


An great concept, which is backed up by an interesting story and lore to be found within the game. It is visually beautiful but also twinned with feelings of being alone and isolated, leaving just you and the task in hand. I was surprised to hear the narration was crisp and sounded good, as in the past I have played some indie titles that either do not have them at all, or are flat and un-interesting. A short but fulfilling game with a decent amount of satisfaction at the end. Hats off to the developer!


Loved the concept and the narration with beautifully setup cinematics


Awesome Work! Really enjoyed that Storyline. I would love to see that Story more fleshed out!


Great work!!!


Intriguing premise. As this is made for a gamejam, I'm not sure where you would take this premise further but I like the world you built and would be excited to see a continuation of this project or one related in this same world. Cheers

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