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A thousand years ago it stopped raining, and all Earth's water evaporated into the clouds.

For over a hundred years people have been building towers to attempt to reach the clouds, so they can get the water they need to survive.  And for over a hundred years they've failed.  It's been a long time, but you're not done building yet.

Explore the last monuments of humanity, as one of the only people alive, while coming to terms with the bleak reality that lies ahead.

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Created in one week for the 2020 Epic MegaJam, with the theme "It's been a long time, but we're not done yet".

Install instructions

Download the zip file, decompress, and launch TowerGame.exe!


Two Star Games_Cloud Climber.zip 210 MB


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very good game,  good story , but its short game and and I hope you will extend the game and maybe you will even release it someday on steam or itch.io and I will definitely buy it

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So, there are clouds but no rain?  I am kind of confused. Is it explained why that is the case?

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good job broooooo

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Hey, checked out your game and did a little playthrough of it as well, thought it was completely awesome! Like others have said, would love to see a longer version of it!

Wonderful game. Thank you!

I loved it, nothing more to say

That was such a great game! I would really love to see what's gonna happen next. Very interesting world and the idea. 

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That was so good. I wish it were longer.

Turns out the end of the world is relaxing 👀 Really cool vibe 😀

The ambience and architecture combine to create a strong Ico vibe. Great work!

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it's relaxing

Pretty nice game well done!

That was a nice atmospheric game. The plot is simple and unique, they built these towers to get water from the clouds and you are the only one left. while I was playing the game, I was relaxed on some part of it but I felt uneasy on some of them. because there are these mini stories inside the game and some of them are dark but I think that's what makes the story of this game rich. In terms of the graphics, it is amazing. the artwork really fits the mood of the game plus the cutscenes are frickin good and the voice acting as well. It feels like I'm not playing a free game.

p.s game starts at 00:15


Nice little game. Well made!

Love this game! 


Amazing game. I haven't really played many itch.io games before but this was a blast. The story is great. I really like the rustic graphics style. You guys deserve the praise you are getting for this game. 9/10


you should think about making a full game out of this maybe you start at the bottom and live life with the others untill you get to this point in the game where idk maybe some desise hits and it causes people to go at each other or something id so buy it as i love games with this feel and if it was a sorta building/life game like

pathologic 2

ya i think it would be awesome


there is a file on the 32x? cool game!


looks like kevin finally built the extension the one to conqur de skys 


Punchy, yet quite, atmospheric ride upward. I love modern examples of introducing a more laid-back attitude towards our wants. When we strive to defy nature, or anything for that matter, it will do everything in it's power to avoid us.

Thank you for making this game.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. I got curious about this world you made and the idea of it. Awesome game!


Interesting story and great game

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Güzel bir hikayeye sahip, umarım bu hikayenin devamını görebiliriz.

This game has a good story. I hope we can see the rest of the story.

this is a awsome game five stars

This was awesome. Smooth movement, amazing graphics and a mysterious story. defiantly something different that I enjoyed playing.

Moral: Stop chasing and you will find what you're looking for.

This Game is so great! I really enjoyed it!

Had a great, relaxing time with this game! Enjoyed the little bit of humor that was thrown in. Also so freakin gorgeous! Loved all the views of the towers in the distance. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I really  enjoyed  the graphics!


That is a awesome game. It would be perfect for VR




This just gives me the same emotions i first felt when started working on my story-driven game. It's just amazing, in all ways; It makes the player feel emotions, and it's really immersive. The colors and the art style work perfectly together, creating a warm, calm ambient. The background music helps drive your emotions, and the flags waving with the wind, the dust particles in the thick fog... just beautiful.

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I didn't expect much when I downloaded this game but I fell in love with the story after just a few minutes it may not be a long game but its amazing thank you to the creator of this, thank you for such a wonderful experience.

This a really nice piece of work. I love the art style

this is beutiful, all i can say


this game is like... OP

btw rip hangdang we will not forget you


I have played this game and this game is amazing!

The view and the entire story is awesome!

I would love more games like this one

Great game! I like the human foibles that we're seeing through the notes

Hello! My name is Erik (Satchmo1991 online) and I am planning to do a video review of Cloud Climber in the coming week sometime as part of a series I am starting on indie games. I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you have a problem with that, or if you think there is something in particular I should mention in the video about the game or you as a developer that you might want people to know. Just let me know. Cheers! 


I don't have an issue with that.  I guess if you plan to go hard on it, I'd just like to mention that the game was made in a week for a gamejam, by one guy :)


Oh, yeah, I'm going to tear it to shreds! ;) Nah, the point is to showcase indie devs and the cool games people are out there making. I'll be honest in my assessment, but I'll definitely make the circumstances clear in the video. I'm really excited to play it. It looks fantastic!

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