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Remember the time when someone tried to scam people with this game

Interesting and intriguing figure was chasing our little man.  Does he a suppose to be that "king"?

early smiles give rising dread approaching expecting and arriving to the ends.  the adventure contemplates a broader picture from a distant task.  darkness our friend follows waiting lurking showing nothing.  what failure abrupts the trespassing hunter's awkward feet and terrible smile?  given the opportunity, further investgation deeper into this tale, we shall admire.


This cemented my need to play MBPS. I adore this style, would love to see more.

Really love this art style so I had to try it, and I liked it! 

Creepy game. I love the artstyle. Keep up the great work!

I loved this game. Was very hyped for it. My only disappointment was that it was a short experience. But other than that loved the vibes and its a good way to tease a game. Its just that there is some form of suspense in the night with a journey to be embarked on.

Best of luck with more games like these devs!


 cool game

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's

Interesting game, I will have to check out My Beautiful Paper Smile when I get the chance. This game really raised so many questions on what is happening.

My beautiful paper smile but a little bit diffrent story

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Beautiful style and atmosphere, would love to collab with this dev 

This is a good little intro to My Beautiful Paper Smile. I haven't played that, but this game was definitely scary. I hate walking around at night!

Also, why are their boots on backwards?

Idk but in 2 games that's like the same shoes like but I mean like for the his hunt like that would be safer because now the monster think his front is his back.Yea that makes sense.


Lovely art!

Tried out the game, I liked it.

Here is a quick No Commentary I added to the channel, I love your work!

I played through the game and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel! What can I say, I am an absolute sucker for your art-style and world-building; what isn't there to adore? After coming from 'My Friend is a Raven', I had high hopes for this, as well, and I can happily say that I was not disappointed in the slightest! Although, I do wish there was a bit more content to explore, I suppose that is what 'My Beautiful Paper Smile' is here for! I cannot wait to see more delightfully grim tales from you all! Thank you for this!

I am quite curious about the backwards facing character, however!


Such a beautiful game! Makes me want to play My Beautiful Paper Smile even more now! 

Night in Riveranger does indeed bring that wonderful atmosphere and beautiful art direction that made players like My Beautiful Paper Smile so much. While brief, Riveranger is teeming with character that lures you into its world. Its performance is a delight, running silky smooth from start finish. My only wish is that this was further expanded upon.

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this game is amazing we are definitely going to check out my beautiful paper smile as soon as we are able to!!

This game has an incredible artsyle i have to say, but the gameplay just isnt it for me. Its a little  too slow and bland gameplay but great concept!

Did a little bit of a playthrough on this in this video, I enjoy the way this game looks ALOT. Your  team is amazing!

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Cool game i like it a lot.

Their are a couple things i would like to point out though, the players boots are twisted around so it looks weird when he walks. And another thing, how do you get past the bridge part.

Edit: I think I found out how to get past the bridge!


I absolutely loved the creepy art style of the game I enjoy it when you can get an unsettled feeling just by looking at it. I also loved the simplicity of the game as a whole. It would have been nice to make it a little bit scarier by having some creepy music or more scary background noises every now and then to really keep you on edge as well as perhaps a couple more scares here and there but overall great game :). 


Someone is copying your game and selling it here.

Thank you for the heads up!  Taking care of it now :)

Pretty cool demo.

Game's just as I expected it to be seeing that the dev's the maker of My Beautiful Paper Smile. Great use of monocolor and tasteful jumpscare. Nice job there.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

love this game i can see the similarities of the my beutifull paper smile in this game


Nice video, excluding the fact that you forgot the cuts and said bad words. xD

I absolutely loved this. These art style is amazing, there's an overall bleak feeling this game gave me that made the experience much more immersive. The sound design is very well done also. Overall, this was a fantastic horror experience! 

This is the life of the hunter which died in the game "My Beautiful Paper Smile"!

Fresh angle

Amazing game. An excellent prequel. Congratulations.


I'm so happy you made this!  I had been wondering about the hunter and now it all makes sense! 

Hello there. I played your game and same like the Demo that I played of My Beautiful Paper Smile. This one was awesome. I just have to ask for one thing. Maybe some more optimization. Cause some areas lagged a little some did not and then there was a moment where It felt like I was on a big Delay. Otherwise, just as good as the other one.


I loved this one, and the story is interesting. My Beautiful Paper Smile was such a good game.

Watch video here: 

It's nice we get to see some side story, and free! In the main story in Beautiful paper smile, the kids are being tortured and always had to wear a mask... but I swear, the character we play in this game has a kangaroo for mom? Or is that a deer? lol Anways... the uncle better be worth it because there's a glitched stalker kid following you... 

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